Custom Deck Building

If you are looking for a unique twist that will turn your home into an elegant space like no other than custom deck building might be the answer for you. Custom deck building is becoming increasingly popular in the Baltimore area because it allows homeowners to truly make their house a home; through customizing every foot of space they own. The benefits of this are endless when preparing your house for sale or simply adding more value to your property!

Here at Baltimore Siding, we specialize in custom deck building, among many different options available when it comes to home improvement and construction projects. Contact us today for more information or your free estimate!

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    Residential Decks

    Custom deck building allows homeowners the chance to make their house truly one of a kind. When you build a deck through Baltimore Siding, you are able to choose everything from the style of wood that will be used, whether or not your deck is built around an existing hot tub or pool, and even the color/style of the stain that will be applied to it! Deck design can be modified to suit any taste possible. For example, if you want your deck to look like an entirely new structure, then re-staining your old wooden floors would suffice in reviving them back into top condition.

    In addition to customization benefits, one of our custom decks for your home can provide your property with an increase in value. Homebuyers always appreciate a neat and clean, aesthetically pleasing exterior. A custom deck is a great finishing touch to your home that you can’t get anywhere else and is sure to impress potential future owners and up the value of your house!

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    Commercial Decks

    Our builders love to create custom decks for commercial properties because of the ease of customization.

    Business owners are always looking for different ways to make their business stand out, which is exactly what building a deck through Baltimore Siding can provide them with! Not only do commercial decks increase your property value, but they also provide you with an area in your parking lot that customers and potential visitors alike will appreciate.

    custom commercial decks
    Commercial deck construction is no small task either! This type of renovation requires specialized equipment and techniques that few other contractors possess. When it comes to installation, our company uses only the highest quality materials available on the market today, giving you years of service before needing replacement or maintenance work done. This reduces long-term costs and increases customer satisfaction!

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    Deck Maintenance and Tips

    A custom deck will provide you with years of beauty and functionality if it is maintained correctly. Baltimore Siding provides our customers with a scheduled maintenance plan that keeps your deck looking as good as the day we built it for many years to come! Not only does this cost less long term, but it can save you from costly repairs on an older deck.

    Deck repair costs are oftentimes very inexpensive, especially when they are handled by professionals who understand what they are doing. Many problems on decks may seem like a big deal at first glance but turn out to be something easy to fix, such as simple wood damage or loose boards. A professional from our team can easily solve such issues and prevent further destruction to your deck, allowing you to save money and time!

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    We recommend the following:
    custom-deck maintenance tips

    Clear Debris

    Be sure to regularly clear out debris from underneath your deck, as things like dirt and leaves can accumulate over time and damage the boards.

    Replace Damaged Boards

    Replacing damaged boards is one of the easiest ways you can prevent further destruction to your custom deck.

    Protect Your Deck From The Sun

    Once your stain has worn away, be sure to apply another coat every year or two to help keep your wood safe from cracking due to sun damage.

    Trim Trees

    Be sure to trim any branches on your trees that hang over your deck. If they’re too close, it may cause damage to the wood and repair costs later down the road.

    Clean Regularly

    The more you clean your deck, the longer it will last! After a rainstorm or even after sitting for a while, dirt and grime can accumulate on your deck.

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    Questions or Concerns

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    Read through common questions and answers to learn more about our custom deck building services. Reach out to us directly if you have any additional questions.

    Is a custom deck a good investment?

    Absolutely! Custom decks add both value and beauty to any property. If you plan on living in your home for many years, a custom deck is an excellent choice for any homeowner looking to increase their curb appeal. In addition, it can prove invaluable when trying to sell your house.

    Can I install a custom deck on my own?

    We do not recommend this as the building of a deck requires specialized tools and materials that are difficult for homeowners to use correctly. However, if you insist on going ahead with installing one yourself, we recommend contacting our company first for assistance!

    How long will my custom deck last?

    If you maintain your deck according to our expert’s recommendations, it should last for at least 20 years!

    Will Baltimore Siding place debris or materials on the ground around my property?

    We will not leave any debris on your property. All of our materials are carried in by hand and placed within the area desired.