Roofing Installation

A new roof installation is crucial in keeping your house secure, sound, and in good shape. When you go about it the proper way, only then will you get to enjoy its benefits for years to come. Get a roofing expert with extensive knowledge of all types of roofs, including flat roofs, metal roofs, etc., so that the job is done well.

The first step in having your roof replaced or repaired is getting a free estimate from our company so we can discuss the possibilities available to you. People often put off getting their roofs replaced or repaired because they are concerned about the cost involved. We work with people who have felt this way every day, but once we give them an estimate for their roofing installation in Baltimore, they are pleasantly surprised at how affordable our prices are.

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    Roofing installation is a job that trained, and experienced professionals should only perform. While you can install your own roof, it almost always leads to more problems down the road if not done correctly.
    residential roof installation

    Roof Installation

    Residential roof installations are needed when the roofing materials of your house have reached the end of their lifespan. Also, if there are damages to your roof that need to be repaired or fixed, this is also a reason for getting a new roof installed on your home. Making roof repairs and installing new materials promptly is the only way to keep your home safe.

    Shingle roof installations are the most common type of residential roof installation because they are relatively inexpensive and require less maintenance. However, other types of roofs, including tile, metal, asphalt, etc., can also be installed on your house as well. Installing new materials on your house every couple of decades is just standard practice for protecting it from weathering that typically damages roofs after time passes by.

    Our team here at Baltimore Siding is highly skilled and experienced at roofing installation. We’ll always go the extra mile to make sure you get your money’s worth and that you’re completely satisfied with the job we’ve performed for you – every single time.


    Roof Installation

    An excellent choice for commercial business buildings.

    Having a commercial roof installation is similar to having one carried out on your home. The difference, however, is that it takes much longer to complete because of the size of the building and how many people are needed for the job.

    Commercial roof installations tend to be more expensive just because they take longer to execute – but this investment will last you for years to come if done properly. Get an expert with experience in all types of roofs today, so your business gets the protection it needs from harsh weather conditions.

    commercial roof installation
    We have performed countless commercial roof installations in our time here at Baltimore Siding. We know what it takes to get the job completed right every single time to ensure that you – as well as your entire business – stay safe during any type of weather.

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    Maintenance and Tips

    All roofs need maintenance every once in a while to keep them looking and functioning properly. This can include roof repairs, roof installation, removing debris from the roof, etc. Baltimore Siding offers a wide variety of services to make sure your home or business is protected from damages due to weather. Be sure to address any damage to your roof immediately to limit further damage that can be done when left unattended.

    Want your roof to last as long as possible?

    We recommend the following:
    maintenance tips

    Trim Trees

    If trees are hanging over your roof, call a professional immediately to have them trimmed so they don’t come crashing down on your house.

    Remove Debris

    At least once every year, if not more frequently, depending on where you live and what time of year it is, debris should be removed from your rooftop. This includes leaves and twigs in the autumn months and snow and ice in the winter months. Be sure to clean off moss and algae as it will damage the quality of your roof if left sitting for too long.

    Check Gutters

    Checking your gutters is an important task to keep off unnecessary water damage done to the underside of your roof.

    Replace Roof Material

    If you need a new roof installation in Baltimore, the sooner you do it, the better. Roof damage is not something you can risk due to its hazardous effects.

    Inspect the Flashing

    Take a look at the flashing on your roof every once in a while to make sure it is intact and will keep out water if there are any leaks. Leaks can be caused by cracked or missing flashing that needs to be either replaced or repaired right away before more damage is done.

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    Questions or concerns

    About Roofing Installation?

    Read through our FAQ for more information!

    Choosing materials and specifics for your roof installation can be challenging without professional help. Read through our FAQ to see some common questions and answers we receive. If you still have questions after reading, reach out to us via phone or email.

    How often should I get my roof replaced?

    Most people get their roofs replaced every 30-40 years. This may vary depending on the quality of the roof and what kind of materials have been used to construct it in the first place. Be sure to check your gutters for debris, so it doesn’t lessen the lifespan of your roof.

    How long does a roof installation take?

    A roof installation typically takes about two full days to complete. This may vary depending on the size and complexity of your house or building.

    How much does a commercial roof installation cost?

    Commercial roof installations will cost more than residential ones. If you need a new roof installed on either your home or business, call Baltimore Siding today for a free quote! We’ll give you an idea of what we can do for you and how we’ll achieve it, so there are no surprises when our experts arrive at your doorstep.

    What are some common types of roofs?

    There are many types of roofs that offer differing levels of protection. Some common types are shake, slate, flat tile, asphalt shingle, or roll roofing.