Siding Replacement

Whether you are looking to replace old siding or improve your home’s energy efficiency, the team at Maryland Siding is here to help. We have been serving Maryland homeowners for years, and our team of professionals has decades of experience in exterior remodeling and replacement. Whether your siding has suffered extensive damage during a storm or it is simply time for an upgrade, we can help you find the right solution. It’s important to replace any severely damaged siding as soon as possible because it can lead to further damage in the future.

We offer free estimates for customers looking to replace old siding with new siding or upgrade their vinyl siding by adding insulation. Contact us today for your free no-obligation consultation.

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    residential siding replacements

    Siding Replacements

    Maryland Siding has been working with residential customers for years providing high-quality siding replacement and exterior remodeling. We offer the best products at affordable prices, and we will work around your schedule to complete your project as quickly as possible. Once you notice damage or severe issues with your exterior siding, it is important to replace it as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Some common issues that can arise from damaged siding include rotting, water damage, and mold.

    Costs for residential siding replacements will depend on the type of siding you choose, the size of your home, and what issues are present with the siding that needs to be replaced. Existing siding must also be taken into account because it may need to be removed before installation can take place. If there are any heavy metals in the old siding, this can lead to additional costs associated with disposal.


    Siding Replacements

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    If your business needs new siding, Maryland Siding offers the services you need at competitive prices. We offer customized commercial siding solutions tailored to your company’s specific needs and requirements. Whether you require exterior remodeling, office renovations, insulation, or complete vinyl siding replacement, we can help. Office buildings tend to suffer from extreme weather conditions more than residential homes due to extended exposure, so protecting your building with quality exterior remodel work can help with long-term costs associated with maintenance and energy costs.

    commercial siding replacements
    Common costs for commercial siding replacements can vary depending on the size and complexity of the job. Siding replacement prices typically range between $1-$6 per square foot, but you should budget more to cover installation or other requirements. We can provide you with a custom quote based on your individual needs! This estimate does not include removal of existing siding if applicable, nor does it include costs associated with demolition work required for installation.

    Affordable Residential and Commercial Siding Services in Maryland

    Preventative Siding

    Maintenance & Upkeep

    Another option to consider is preventative siding maintenance, which can help extend the life of your existing siding and reduce repair costs. If you’re interested in preventative exterior remodeling such as pressure washing, caulking, or applying protective coatings, we can help. This type of work helps protect your home from future damage and helps keep your property value high.
    Want your exterior siding to last as long as possible?
    We recommend the following:
    siding maintenance

    Trim Trees

    If you have trees nearby, you should consider trimming them or getting rid of them altogether. Trees that grow too close to your home can leave your siding vulnerable to damage, so the best thing is to remove them completely if possible.

    Caulk Windows & Doors

    Caulking around windows and doors helps keep moisture out which prevents water damage and rot. It also provides insulation against extreme weather conditions such as heat or cold.

    Pressure Wash Exterior Siding

    If your house needs some exterior home renovation, power washing for siding is an affordable way to brighten up your property while helping prevent future issues with mildew and mold growth on the surface of the siding.

    Check For Damage

    Look closely at the siding on your home. If you notice damage or issues with your siding, it is important to address these problems as soon as possible to prevent further damage and costs associated with exterior remodeling.

    Inspect Gutters Regularly

    Gutters do more than just guide water off the roof of your home; they also protect the exterior wall by diverting water away from it through downspouts. Inspect gutters regularly to make sure they are free of debris and draining efficiently, which will prevent damage to your siding or fascia board.

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    Questions About

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    If you read through our FAQ and find that you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and call one of our siding experts today. We are happy to provide free consultations to all of our clients.

    How much does siding replacement cost?

    The price of exterior remodeling varies depending on several factors, such as the size and scope of the job. Your location also plays a big role in determining prices for this type of work. For more information about siding replacement costs, we recommend you get in touch with us online or over the phone so that we can provide honest and accurate prices for your individual project.

    How long does it take to replace exterior siding?

    Each home is different and requires different types of materials, processes, and timeframes for completion. We recommend getting in touch with us online or over the phone, so we can better understand your specific project and provide accurate time frame estimates.

    What are exterior siding options?

    There are many different types of siding for your home, including wood, vinyl, masonry, aluminum, and fiber cement. Each type has its own benefits that make it popular among homeowners, such as value, longevity, style choices (for example, painting vs. no painting), and material. We offer a wide variety of exterior siding products to match any homeowner’s needs.